Lendl Barcelos — Utter Limits: Xenop(h)o(n)etics chez (Bök’s) Rimbaud

Kristen Alvanson, Poison-in/Poison-out, 2011.

Hey Everybody,

The next Knowledge Exchange Lecture will be:


TUESDAY (11TH OF FEB) AT 17h30-18h30, NEW CROSS HOUSE (pub)

Lendl Barcelos laughs. [His work navigates & activates the unaffordable thresholds of auditory experience, conjuring alternative modes of listening catalyzed through speculative programmes that emerge within disorienting soundfields. In print, his work has appeared in The Passive Collective, Her Royal Majesty, Offerings and the Canadian Music Centre’s Notations. He is a core member of Asounder, a radical sonic tactic collective, and tends to be what he pretends to be. Currently: a concept engineer, amateur of hand-made textiles, phonomagus & détourned situationist.]
|end| | Asounder

In advance of the lecture check out Gabriel Catren’s PHILOSOPHICAL ALCHIMERY, OR WHY ALL CHIMERIC COMPOSITIONS ARE PHILOSOPHICAL STONES &/or Reza Negarestani’s NAVIGATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. (It is not necessary to read these to follow the lecture, but it will provide an operative context for those who wish to have it):
Catren’s text (from Collapse Journal, Vol. VII. Urbanomic Press)
Negarestani’s text (from cold-me.net)

Videos played but that were hard to hear.
I Purples | Reggie Watts (esp. 09:51) |
Some ‘Voyelles’ Translations


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