Mollie Zhang – Sonic Fictions and Feminisms in SF Mêlées: Mobilizing Worlding in Contemporary Electronic Music


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Sonic Fictions and Feminisms in SF Mêlées: Mobilizing Worlding in Contemporary Electronic Music
Mollie Zhang

Thursday 4th May
Room 144, Richard Hoggart Building (RHB)
Goldsmiths, University of London
Site Here Available Here

The objective of this paper is twofold: one, it seeks to mobilise sonic strategies as weapons for “feminist, multicultural, antiracist technoscience projects” (Donna Haraway, 2013), and two, it aims to actively engage in an act of worlding by weaving together various critical theories and technical disciplines into a polyamorous marriage of feminism, science, musicology, and sound design.

Haraway outlines an “SF mêlée” that she considers “worlding,” or multiplicitous projects of “techno-organic, polyglot, polymorphic wiring diagrams” (Haraway 2013). These constitute the basis of her paper SF: Science Fiction, Speculative Fabulation, String Figures, So Far. To this, I would like to tie two more SFs: Sonic Fictions and Sonic Feminisms. These feminisms are polymorphous and shapeshifting (and thus perhaps, not immediately recognizable).

This paper focuses on Elysia Crampton’s Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide… (Or: A Non-Abled Offender’s Exercise in Jurisprudence), a visual and performative essay (2016), and Holly Herndon’s 2015 album Platform. Both are different cases of worlding, but in mobilizing these works, we can better understand what is at stake in sonic feminisms, how they might operate, and what they might sound like.

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Mollie Zhang is an artist, musician and writer, currently based in London.


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