Knowledge Exchange began in 2013 with the following aims:

  • To establish a cross disciplinary and open network between, but not limited to, Goldsmiths, University of London postgraduate courses, focused on debates and issues within contemporary art and culture, but encouraging engagement from all courses regardless of department. Thus we hope to instil a greater culture of collaboration between departments.
  • To formalise this currently loose relationship through the establishment of a framework from which tangible outcomes may be realised.
  • To create an online platform from which the network is able to operate. This platform aims to be porous, allowing any member to upload any information, document, work etc as they see fit, thus forming a map of current interests that the user may traverse via any trajectory. We hope that this aggregate of information will expose threads of interest across courses, or that “rogue” uploads may give way to unexpected outcomes.
  • To develop these themes into real world practices such as, but not limited to; group discussion, artworks, films, exhibitions, joint writing, events or actions.
  • To create a physical record of this real world activity so as to map the trajectory of the network over time.
  • To create a fluid and easily adaptable framework which may be passed on to future members with no disruption to the networks collective activity.

After a hiatus K’ex was resurrected in 2017, broadening its scope to include contributions from undergraduates, alumni and friends of Goldsmiths.

All sessions are open to the public.